Transportation System Optimization Software Suite

Automate workflows, Save Time & Money while Enhancing Safety and Sustainability

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The NRGsurf Fleet Management Software Suite is designed to manage fleets of different manned and autonomous vehicles and to quickly plan optimal and safe routes while optimizing different KPIs like vehicle utilization, routes' lengths, and emissions.

Optimal & Sustainable Scheduling & Routing

Automatically assign stops, passengers, or goods to vehicles and create routes on your desktop or let it run live in the cloud. Bulk upload the addresses and assign them to vehicles in a few clicks. Instantly get suggestions for optimal routes. Make manual changes to pick up points and routes if necessary. Get time and CO2 estimations for your routes.

  • Efficient & safe routing
  • All kinds of vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, and planes can be supported
  • Routing for electric and autonomous vehicles
  • Fast & easy clustering
  • Sustainable fleet management
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We are happy to address your specific needs and challenges by implementing customized features. Such futures may include

  • Sophisticated routing and optimization algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Customized planning workflows
  • Customers’ and drivers’ applications
  • Integrations with other in-house software and partners' software (e.g. transportation providers)

Electric Vehicle & Charging Station Optimization

Optimize the utilization of the existing and future charging stations taking into account such parameters as vehicle mix, position, power and electric vehicle driving preferences

  • Charging station optimization and modeling
  • Prediction of human behavior in terms of charing
  • User apps for electric vehicles navigation
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Routes & KPIs

The automated routing is powered by advanced data analytics that takes into account real-time traffic information, vehicle capacity, and other key variables. It enables optimal routes and schedules that reduce travel time, fuel/energy consumption, and emissions while ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers. See at a glance KPIs like the trip duration, distance, and vehicle utilization to reduce your transportation costs and meet other goals.

  • Optimization based on traffic information
  • Step-by-step instructions for the Driver
  • Optimal pick-up schedule within a group
  • Optimal number of vehicles & utilization
  • KPIs at a glance

Benefits for the fleet managers

Save weeks of planning efforts

Transportation Managers were able to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on planning by replacing manual planning with our software.

Optimize your fleet

The software enables increased vehicle utilization, resulting in a reduction of the fleets.

Easily address the needs of passengers or other stakeholders

Plan safe and comfortable stops. Adjust in response to stakeholders’ needs.

Quickly reschedule routes or enable constant automated optimization

Adapt quickly to new transportation requests and other changes by quickly rescheduling the existing routes.

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What to know more?

Security & Data Protection

The security of personal data is our top priority. Our routing and scheduling software has been designed with robust security features. We employ strict data protection policies and procedures, including encryption and regular data backups.

  • Data encryption
  • Two factor authentication
  • Different access levels for users
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Great User Experience

The software's interface is developed based on the feedback of Transportation Managers and allows real-time insights into the entire operation from the most common web-based browser windows (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari). Information can be made available to different stakeholders with different access levels.

  • Ensures great user experience
  • Allows for rapid deployment and reduces upfront costs
  • Enables remote access

"We were able to optimize routes, leading to lower costs"

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